Dr. Girlfriend (redorangepeel) wrote in houstonbakes,
Dr. Girlfriend

Almond Amaretto Buttercream Cupcakes

My best friends 30th birthday is this coming up next Tuesday and she has her heart set on an Almond layer cake with Amaretto filling and buttercream icing. I was going to order it from her favorite bakery since I have never attempted this flavor combo before but they've consolidated their stores! (Cake Affairs - closed their two other stores - only open on Katy Fwy now) and changed their policy. They have a $150 minimum now, no small orders anymore. :(

Soooo, I experimented yesterday and made some jumbo cupcakes to try out the recipes.

I made a basic vanilla cake and added almond extract to taste before baking. For the amaretto buttercream I used 3 cups of twice sifted powdered sugar, added 1 stick of unsweetened butter and 6 tablespoons of shortening - then added 6 tablespoons of amaretto liquor.


I let my boyfriend choose the color of icing - I should have known, his favorite color is green.

I'm going to bring the other 4 to her office this morning so she can tell me yea or nay.
Tags: buttercream, cake affairs, cupcakes, liquor, local bakers
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